About us

Stal Nella Bijlsma is a training facility / stable focuses mainly on jumping horses in Gytsjerk, Friesland (northern part of The Netherlands).

The owner, Nella Bijlsma, after receiving her MBO, has completed several Horse related certifications including Orun allround (phases 1,2 and 3) and Orun Dressage (phases 2 and 3).� The sole purpose of the stable is training jumping horses, in a safe, honest, high-quality, structured riding and training environment and preparing the horses for competitions. All of this is made possible in collaboration with volunteers and apprenticeship programs.� Besides training and conditioning the horses, Nella also teaches the KNHS O.R.U.N. course.� Additionally, she provides private lessons and clinics to riders.

Nella lives together with her partner, Sjoerd Couperus, the owner of an independent carpentry company.�
Since Feb. 23, 2011, they are the proud parents of Anna Couperus.